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In-Depth Counseling: We will assist to choose right course from the right university based upon your credentials. We will make sure that your important decision also becomes best decision in relation with your academic field.

Visa Counseling: Being an agent from Australia we will help you in preparing documents when you apply for a visa to avoid rejections. Also It is very important to prepare for the process & get all necessary documents as per the Australian immigration requirements.

Financial Aid: As a consultant we will provide assistance to the available bank loans and other financial institutions according to visa requirements so that you don't miss an opportunity to study of your choice in Australia


In-Depth Counseling: Being a consultant after counseling we will organize initial verification by our associated migration agent/lawyer to check whether you are eligible to apply for PR or not to Australia. This verification will help to arrange necessary documents if required from the respective organizations before you start processing and also it will help to avoid rejections after paying lot of fees & application charges to DIAC and respective bodies

Visa Counseling: Being a consultant settled in Australia from years we can assist you with better knowledge in migration activities that rest. We will assist you in permanent residency visa process to avoid delays and rejections. It is very important to prepare for the process and get all necessary documents as per the Immigration (DIAC).

Other services for every individual

Pre-Departure Briefing: Pre-departure briefing is very important for students and permanent migrants migrating to Australia. As a consultants settled & living in Australia since 2000, we will give you pre-departure briefing about Australian culture and behavior in better manner than the rest, because we understand Australian culture. Migrating to new country and settling in a new culture is not so easy. With our pre-departure briefing you get prepared to settle well in a new environment/country with comfort and ease. We are the only consultants who will provide training in few more areas which adds value to your lifestyle where you can save a lot of time and money. Destination Services We will organize arrival assistance, airport pick up and accommodation arrangement at your cost when you arrive in Australia, so that you don't encounter any problem in a new country/place. Local Assistance We will provide assistance in all possible areas while you are studying in Australia. For permanent migrants we will assist for first 2 months from the date of arrival into Australia

Full Time and Part-Time Work We will provide you with necessary assistance & advice to get a full time or part-time work which ever you are eligible for in the respective city. We also provide references & training in some areas of work which will help you in getting a job quickly with a bit of experience.

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